Advanced Java Programming

Required prerequisites

The learner must have completed Java Fundamentals or must have Java Programming knowledge before attempting this module.


This module is targeted at individuals who have completed Java Fundamentals or with extensive Java experience.



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Course Topics

• Introduction to Java and Test-driving a Java application
• Introduction to Java applications: Input/output and operators
• Introduction to classes, objects, methods, and strings
• Control statements: Part 1: Assignment, ++ and – operators
• Control statements: Part 2: Logical operators
• Methods: A deeper look
• Arrays and ArrayLists
• Strings, Characters and Regular expressions
• Files, streams and object serialization
• Classes and objects: A deeper look
• Object-oriented programming: Inheritance
• Object-oriented programming: Polymorphism and interfaces
• Exception Handling: A deeper look
• Generic Collections
• Java SE 8 Lambdas and Streams
• Generic classes and methods
• Concurrency
• Accessing database with JDBC


: Java SE8 for Programmers (3rd Edition) (Deitel Developer Series)


Certificate of Attendance