Java EE 6, Web Component Developer Certified Expert Certification Training

Required prerequisites

The learner must have experience in developing web applications using Servlets and JSPs before attempting this module.


This module is targeted at individuals with Servlets and JSPs experience; who want to sit for Oracle Certified Expert Java EE Web Component Developer Exams (OCEJWCD) to be certified as Oracle Java Expert.



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Course Topics

• Networks and HTTP
• Java EE Architecture
• Servlet Basics
• Servlet Contexts
• Requests and Responses
• RequestDispatcher & Wrappers
• Filters
• Asynchronous Requests
• Session Management
• Application Deployment
• Modular Deployment
• Resource Injection
• JSP Basics
• JSP Documents
• Expression Language
• Standard Actions and JavaBeans
• Tag Libraries and the JSTL
• Custom Tags
• Tag Files
• Tag Deployment
• Security
• Java EE Patterns


ECEJWCD Study Companion (Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Exam 1Z0-899) Third Edition, ISBN: 978-09551603-4-9


Web Component Developer Certified Expert