Java EE6: Develop Web Components with Servlets & JSPs


The learner must have experience in Java programming before attempting this module.

Required prerequisites

This module is targeted at individuals with Java programming experience; who want to learn web development using Servlets and JSPs.



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Course Topics

Section 1: Get started right
• An introduction to web applications
• How to structure a web application with the MVC pattern
• How to use NetBeans and Tomcat

Section 2: Essential servlet and JSP skills
• A crash course in HTML5 and CSS3
• How to develop servlets
• How to develop JavaServer Pages
• How to work with sessions and cookies
• How to use EL
• How to use JSTL
• How to use custom JSP tags

Section 3: Essential database skills
• How to use a MySQL database
• How to use JDBC to work with a database
• How to use JPA to work with a database

Section 4: Advanced servlet and JSP skills
• How to use JavaMail to send mail
• How to use SSL to work with a secure connection
• How to restrict access to a web resource
• More security skills
• How to work with HTTP requests and responses
• How to work with listeners
• How to work with fliters
• How to work with JavaServer Faces

Section 5: The Music Store website
• An introduction to the Music Store website
• The applications of the website


Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 3rd Edition (Murach: Training & Reference)


Certificate of Attendance