Quality Software Developer Foundation Certificate in Maintainability (Java)

Required prerequisites

Knowledge in Java or C#. At least two years of work experience, as a software developer OR at least a BSc degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related discipline with substantial emphasis on programming.


QSD Foundation is aimed at software developers with experience in Object Oriented Programming (i.e. Java, C#), who require a basic understanding of writing good code and how it may be used to enhance the quality of a software system within an organization.



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Course Topics


1.1 What Is Maintainability?
1.2 Why Is Maintainability Important?
1.3 Three Principles of the Guidelines in This Book
1.4 Misunderstandings about Maintainability
1.5 Rating Maintainability
1.6 An Overview of the Maintainability Guidelines

Write Short Units of Code

2.1 Motivation
2.2 How to Apply the Guideline
2.3 Common Objections to Writing Short Units
2.4 See Also

Write Simple Units of Code

3.1 Motivation
3.2 How to Apply the Guideline
3.3 Common Objections to Writing Simple Units of Code
3.4 See Also

Write Code Once

4.1 Motivation
4.2 How to Apply the Guideline
4.3 Common Objections to Avoiding Code Duplication
4.4 See Also

Keep Unit Interfaces Small

5.1 Motivation
5.2 How to Apply the Guideline
5.3 Common Objections to Keeping Unit Interfaces Small
5.4 See Also

Separate Concerns in Modules

6.1 Motivation
6.2 How to Apply the Guideline
6.3 Common Objections to Separating Concerns

Couple Architecture Components Loosely

7.1 Motivation
7.2 How to Apply the Guideline
7.3 Common Objections to Loose Component Coupling
7.4 See Also

Keep Architecture Components Balanced

8.1 Motivation
8.2 How to Apply the Guideline
8.3 Common Objections to Balancing Components
8.4 See Also

Keep Your Codebase Small

9.1 Motivation
9.2 How to Apply the Guideline
9.3 Common Objections to Keeping the Codebase Small

Automate Tests

10.1 Motivation
10.2 How to Apply the Guideline
10.3 Common Objections to Automating Tests
10.4 See Also

Write Clean Code

11.1 Leave No Trace
11.2 How to Apply the Guideline
11.3 Common Objections to Writing Clean Code

Next Steps

12.1 Turning the Guidelines into Practice
12.2 Lower-Level (Unit) Guidelines Take Precedence Over Higher-Level(Component) Guidelines
12.3 Remember That Every Commit Counts
12.4 Development Process Best Practices Are Discussed in the Follow-Up Book


Building Maintainable Software: 10 Guidelines for Future Proof Code by Joost Visser, published by O’Reilly Media


Quality Software Developer Foundation Certificate in Maintainability (Java)