Digital Revolution is half way through! In order to succeed in a world that is being irrevocably digitized, organizations must renew their core and simultaneously innovate into new frontiers. Whether it is in
the renewal of existing systems and bringing more efficiency, or addressing completely new kinds of
opportunities that are opening up ─ enterprises need new ideas and More


Coastnet international limited offers below Products and Services to its enterprise customers
globally! Please click on each category to learn more about our products:


Coastnet international has been involved in challenging projects, from start to delivery some of which include:

    * Global IPVPN and VPLS connectivity 
    * IP Capacity for Int’l Destinations
    * Satellite Mobile Internet for Trains
    * IPV4 & IPV6 provisioning
    * VoIP carrier traffic
      … More


We constantly seek shaking hands with leaders in ICT industry! Our partners, Comprised of industry leaders, experts, consultants, executive managers, entrepreneurs who know the trends and who are practically involved in ICT realm and its changes … More