Enterprises today need efficient and effective IT resources that can meet their fast-changing business needs. Investment in hardware is hefty and risky. Enterprises need an agile IT infrastructure that can be scaled easily according to requirements. Cloud computing is an effective way for enterprises to stay ahead and compete in today’s challenging business environment. Coastnet International Limited can offer you Public, Private and Hybrid cloud from scratch delivering you below privileges:

Optimize cost efficiency

Simply subscribe to what your need, when you need it. Minimize idle IT infrastructure invested merely for fulfilling periodic or short-term surge in demand.

Improve flexibility and business agility

Respond faster to sudden capacity overflow, unexpected market opportunities and urgent demands from internal users.

Enhance security and reliability

Enjoy more reliable and secure enterprise-class cloud server service.


Hosted in Carrier-Grade Data Centers both locally and internationally.
Our Cloud Servers are hosted in World class carrier-grade data centers.
With high levels of physical to ensure unrivalled security and availability. Our data center has attained ISO27001 certification for its operational security.

One-stop cloud and connectivity service

Coastnet International Limited offers one-stop cloud service and extensive range of connectivity services to serve your needs, reducing hassles in coordinating among different vendors.

High security and reliability

Coastnet International Limited Cloud Server is protected by a robust firewall and managed by a team of technical professionals.
24x7 customer service
We offer 24x7 customer service to help you anytime.

Associated Cloud Based Services

  • Coastnet International Limited AppBizCloud
  • Coastnet International Limited Cloud Surveillance
  • Coastnet International Limited Cloud Signage
  • Coastnet International Limited Cloud Video Conferencing
  • Coastnet International Limited Cloud Audience Analytics
  • Coastnet International Limited Cloud Document Management Service
  • Coastnet International Limited enterprizCloud
  • Coastnet International Limited Cloud Firewall
  • Coastnet International Limited Edu Cloud

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